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Resume Weapon ™, the Résumé Optimization tool was designed and developed by CompuWRXs ™ in the Phoenix, AZ metro area as a response to Nationwide hiring practices where the initial decision for whether an individual is suitable candidate for employment is being made by a machine. Decisions like these are still being made by a machine. This application’s ongoing development continues to be sponsored by Johanna Raupe, a practicing Real Estate Agent in the Phoenix Metro East Valley.
Resume Service

Résumé Weapon captured the relevant critical‐key‐words in the job descriptions. It was a tremendous help for polishing my résumé, and ensuring my application passsed through the automated parsing systems. The application was an invaluable asset.

∼Sharat   ‐ Chandler, AZ


The functionality is awesome ‐ I like how easy it is to use and how quickly one can revise their resume and tune it to what's being asked for by the employer.

∼Mark   ‐ Seattle, WA


A new job, a new career and changing industries, with Résumé Weapon I was able to quickly modify my résumé to use the new career &industries terminology.

∼Robert   ‐ Austin, TX

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